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Swipe Card Readers

Startbeitrag von iso am 13.08.2015 07:37

Hello Everyone,

I am in early stages of developing a clocking system for one of my customers, as anyone any advice on Hardware? Anyone developed a successful system with USB swipe card readers or is it better to scan via QR code.

any advice/experience would be appreciated




Hi iso, my experience is only with companies in the food industry and we've found that the most effective way is to use ID-cards with a built-in RFID transponder. Reading the magnetic tracks of cards will cease as soon as the readhead of the reading device is clogged with dust, flour or other rubbish.

von GuenterP - am 13.08.2015 07:53
I agree with Guenter - RFID is the way to go.

Mag strips and barcodes are ok to begin with but soon degrade or are soon defaced when dropped in the muddy/wet car park or have been through the rinse cycle of a washing machine - it happens! :eek:

I set up a RFID test "rig" for less than £10. You can pick up new usb RFID readers for £5 on a well known auction site along with RFID (credit card sized) cards or fobs, again for pennies.


von DarrenF - am 13.08.2015 09:17
Thanks for that, i think ill have a go setting up my own test rig.

von iso - am 04.09.2015 10:17

No worries; it's very easy to set-up and the reader doesn't need any drivers - it really is p-n-p.

Just looking, there are sellers who have put together small "starter" kits like this:


von DarrenF - am 04.09.2015 11:35
Thanks Darren, ordered one and a writer

von iso - am 05.09.2015 16:17
Maybe you can can also take a look at Syncotek swipe card reader, also supports IC & RFID card read and write. Hope this helps!

von Lunapf - am 21.01.2016 02:10
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