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[WB19] - Need opinion on how to proceed

Startbeitrag von Joel am 19.08.2015 16:50

Hi All -

I have a project where various schools have there own databases. There is also a master Database for me. There are many "modules" / Pages that will have 'stored' text copy in them for sending emails and such. This is to make it easier for the user - not to have to come up with everything on their own.

There is a Library system to hold the content of the documents. I have 2 issues -

First - how do I "link" the appropriate Document / Doucments to a particular module? For example. One module might be for "new Students. I want to link to it that comes up initially. the user could make changes and then send. To complicate things more, each module could have several documents to choose from one for Kids, one for Adults, etc. Should I "tag" documents with which modules there are for? Something like another table that holds the connections?

Second - the Master database will hold a master document that users can always revert back to if they don't like how they have made changes to the connected document. How do I link that master doc so when clicking a link class "revert to original" (or something) the master doc is copied to their system.

I can think of a bunch of ways to do both things, but aren't sure which way is most flexible, will work best, etc.

Any ideas appreciated.



Im not sure eI get what your project is all about. But I gues you have a database with tekst for several things.
The user can select some mail template and can select a tekst of a subject. This would be through a connection to your database. If the user can save changes he made to the main version you should make tables for that in their own database so these teksts can be stored. After saving you could make a section wher e they can select their own templates or the templates from your server

A bit like you already discribed. This should be doable.



von Allard - am 20.08.2015 00:19
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