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Controilling Android Hardware buttons/controls

Startbeitrag von Robert M am 20.08.2015 01:12

I have an android phone whose only function is to run my data collection application.

There are NO phone calls, NO SMS, NO facebook, etc. I need to lock the user to my application.

I've noticed in some apps that when I press cancel while in the app, a validation screen pops up advising that another cancel will terminate the app.

How do I achieve this?

Is it possible to disable the phone buttons e.g. the back button, home button, etc? If so how would this be achieved?



Hi Robert,
I'm not sure how much can be done with Windev Mobile direclty. The back-button can be handled, but the other buttons I don't know.
But what you desceribe is called "kiosk" mode. The app store has dozens of apps for that, which allows only certain apps (your app) to run. I'm not sure though if the telephone functionality can be disabled.

von Arie - am 20.08.2015 09:24
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