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ubl invoices

Startbeitrag von Allard am 21.08.2015 16:41


Does anyone of you do digital invoices in xml format ( ubl ). Espersially the Dutch variant. (SI-UBL)

In holland a subset of the simpli invoice standard is used. They use only about 200 of the over 2000 that are availeble in ubl 2.1

the standard ubl has an xsd but the xsd works with an include in the declaration and thuss it is not one xsd but several XSD taht have to be added to a windev project.

Is it at all possible to add these kind of xsd to a windev project. I get faults that it cannot find certain stuff when adding one of the xsd. The fault is corect because the things missing are in the other xsd files.

SO I guess using the xsd is not an option. I added the xml from the site ( www.ublketentest.nl) I guess I have to use this xml.

If anyone has already done this I would appriciate if you could tell me if there are issues.




So I guess it is not possible to add several xsd to a project that reffer to each other ?


von Allard - am 24.08.2015 21:35
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