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is WD20/WM20 support UTF-8?

Startbeitrag von CCC2 am 24.08.2015 11:59


1. does anyone know if WD20/WM20 support UTF-8 ?
2. is unicode encoding in WD20 different from WM20?

I create a class to communicate with web service ( create using expres.js runing on linux , UTF-8) .

when i create test program using wd20 and wm20 , i get different result .

I using setform to send info to webservice.
on wd20 - with ansi ON :
info send can be understand by webservice and web service response can be display out without any conversion.

on wd20 - with UNICODE ON :
info send can not be understand and response must be convert using utf8tounicode() or ansito unicode() before display

wd20 to webservice
{ 'content-length': '1828',
'content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
accept: '*/*',
host: '',
'user-agent': 'PC SOFT Framework',
connection: 'close' }

{ host: 'l\u0000o\u0000c\u0000a\u0000l\u0000h\u0000o\u0000s\u0000t\u0000',

if I first convert the info to ansi before send , I found out why?

Both UTF-8 and ANSI expand from the basic set of characters put forth by ASCII; so the two are basically equivalent when it comes to the first 127 characters.

if I need to send chinese/japanese/korean character (for example customer name) then what should i do?


after search the forum I found the solution . best solution is using

utf8tostring() and stringtoutf8() for before send and after received response .

von CCC2 - am 24.08.2015 12:07
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