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Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 25.08.2015 04:58

Hi all,

Anyone know if it is possible to change the default font which is used when annotating report previews with text boxes?

Is seems the 'custom 'print preview is just a modifiable skin for a black box, and so I can't see how to set the default font / size / colour which appears in the RTF control which is shown when annotating a print preview.




Well is is a black box but you can manipulate quite a view things. A quick look at the ipreview fuction and a relative search gave me this


Maybe Icreatefont() ?

Start your search with the ipreview().


von Allard - am 25.08.2015 07:39
Hi Allard

Thanks for taking the time have a look for me.

I found that same help when I had a long look through the online help WRT iPreview. I did this before posting here on the forum. I can't see how I can force that font to be the default font for annotation text - do you have any suggestion for the appropriate code?


von Paul Turner - am 25.08.2015 08:41
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