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[WD19, Win8.1] FTPSend goofs up the filenames!

Startbeitrag von Ola am 27.08.2015 08:24

Hi all,

I have used Windev's FTPSend for many years to send my ERP update files
to my support site, without any character management problems.

The file names contains "extended Ascii characters", like Työmyyrä.exe, but
they have not caused any problems, so far.
Now, in August, I noticed that FTPSend is goofing up the filenames, if they
contain European characters such as ä and ö.

These filenames become unreadable mess, which cannot be renamed or deleted!

This happens with FTPSend, but not if I use a decent file manager to do the
FTP transfer, such as Total Commander.

According to the documentation, FTPSend uses Internet Exploder version 3 or
later. So what is up? Is it FTPSend, Internet Exploder (a recent automatic
"upgrade" perhaps?), or possibly the support site (Unix)?

Has anybody else experienced this kind of problems lately with WD or Windows?
Any Hints, ideas?

Best regards


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