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sending mail with outlook

Startbeitrag von Allard am 28.08.2015 12:34


I want to sent an email with outlook. I can not find this , what is supposed to be a simple task??

1 I want to add ad attachement , email adres , message etc to outlook . So I can do the mailing of stuff with outlook. Is this at all possible with windev 18?

I do not want the user to enter smtp server etc , witch would be nessisary if I wanted to sent the mails myself. That is Why I want to use outlook for this.

I hope this is a good discription of the problem





You can add attachments quite easily if you use the Email structure

Check out the WD Mailshot examples.

von DerekT - am 28.08.2015 14:30
Hi Allard,

just type outlook in the help and you'll get outlookstartsession and all other related functions

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.08.2015 14:49
Hi Allard,

This code will open an outlook email window.

myItem is object OLE dynamic
myOlApp is object OLE dynamic
myOlApp= new object OLE "Outlook.Application"

myItem = myOlApp>>CreateItem(0)
myItem>>Subject = "New Subject"
myItem>>Body = "anything"
myItem>>Attachments>>Add("C:\temp\attach.txt") // note: attachment must exist or code will fail


von steve erts - am 28.08.2015 15:37
Hi Thanks,

I after consideration I deceded to make my own email system. In the future I plan on making the windev app online through a html 5 wrapper solution and then I will need the email .

Thanks for the reply though


von Allard - am 28.08.2015 16:45
Hi Allard,

That's what I did as well. I'm hosting my Windev app at a commercial host and pushing to clients via Windows RemoteApp and using Outlook would require multiple MS office licenses per user as they already may run on users machine or internal network.

One other note is that my users found the Windev HTML editor lacking for their requirements and I integrated the XStandard HTML Editor to use when writing emails. Works great. I'm also using XStandard for web CMS editing.


von steve erts - am 28.08.2015 18:03
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