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Limiting a Chart with a fixed number of data points

Startbeitrag von MichaelRug am 29.08.2015 00:46


I have a Chart showing new data every second, but I want to show the last 50 data values, so basically once I get the limit, every time I add a new value, I should delete the first one, but of course shift left the whole series to accommodate the new value.
So far, all examples I checked are adding values indefinitely, and the chart gets very ugly.

Any idea?


I was able to do it, but using an array with the dimension of the max. number of data points I want, and then for each new value I have to shift all data down (data in position 2 copy into 1, pos 3 to 2, etc.) but this is kind of slow for large arrays....
I'm wondering if there is a better way of doing this...


von MichaelRug - am 29.08.2015 01:19
Hi Michael,

an array is a good solution, but:
- instead of shifting each value one step, just delete line one (arraydelete) and add line 50
- block the refresh of the window while you are doing that

it should be much faster

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 29.08.2015 11:19
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