WM20: Run local wifi webserver on Android device?

Startbeitrag von Peter Muckle am 30.08.2015 05:28

Hi All,

I am looking into an Android system for remote fieldworkers and educational use, where no internet connection is available.

One 'teacher' device will act as a local wifi server from which 'student' devices (around 8-10) would stream video and copy files back and forth. The teacher device would be able to view and control the screen of a selected student, send messages etc.

The students will also collect data, complete assignments and tests, and send it to the teacher using Wifi direct, where it would be merged into one database.

It would be very useful if the teacher device could act as a local wifi web and database server, so the students could log in and view php pages linked to MySQL or HFSQL databases on the master device. This is less important at the moment.

I am at an early stage, but have seen apps and devices to stream video etc, apps to transfer files using wifi direct (eg Superbeam), and apps to turn Android devices into a webserver.

I want to use WM20 to make student and teacher apps and managing class and data transfer.

If anyone has any experience, ideas, tips or comments on this I'd be interested in hearing them.



Hi Pete,


Mot modern devices have the option to be set as a local hotspot=wifi hub. So that MAY be what you need for the teacher device. However, this is normally used to share a 3G connection, and I don't know if the system is limited to internet sharing or is a real wifi. But that would definitely be my first test.

I also know that somebody has developed a mini web server in wlanguage ( we talked about it for wxreplication, but he couldn't share his code for copyright reasons), so that part is possible.

As fr sharing info from one central DB, that will seriously tax the hardware capabilities, and also, remember that record locking is -NOT- supported on android, so your app will have to manage that by itself.

Now, I think that streaming several videos at the same time from one android device is probably -NOT- realist. I do not think that there will be enough bandwith, processing power and reading speed available on an android device to achieve that.

So maybe, you will want to have a look at a different solution. Like by example using something like this for the server part:

It's a micro PC where you can directly run windows or linux with a real web server and all yo are used to basically out of the box, and it is CHEAPER than what you would need as a server android device to achieve the same thing.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.08.2015 09:29
is this what you looking?


von CCC2 - am 30.08.2015 11:45
Thanks to both of you.

Fabrice - excellent idea... I am now thinking about Windows 10 running on a mini-PC and 10" tablets.

I assume the next version of Windev will support Windows 10, but how is it going to work with Windows PC, tablet and phone versions? Will one Windev IDE create apps for all devices?



von Peter Muckle - am 30.08.2015 16:04
Hi Pete,

AFAIK, current version (20) of windev already supports windows 10 without any major problems.

As for which IDe to use for what, it's quite simple :
- intel processor = windev
- ARM processors (on most phones and tablet) = windev mobile

However support of windows 8 or 10 mobile on arm processor with windev mobile is very poor at the moment, considering that nearly nobody is using it...

So if I were you, I would use a windows 10 micro PC as server with windev and webdev applications, and cheap android tablets as clients, with windev mobile

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.08.2015 18:13
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