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changing the look of Windev Controls

Startbeitrag von Patrick Thijs am 31.08.2015 16:51

Hello everyone,

One of my customers asks me to change the "look" of a program that I've written for him.
After 5 years, he thinks it's about time for a new look.
So I've started to change the colors and fonts of the windows. That went all very easy.
But now I'm facing problems when I want to change the look of windev controls like the Radio Button or the Edit Control.
For example, I want the inner circle (the dot) of the radiobutton to be red. But I can't find a way to change this.
Do I have to do this by changing the styles ? And if yes, is there somebody who can point me into the right direction on how to do this ?
Another example of what I want to do is to change the backgroundcolor of a selected text in the Edit Control. Same as with the Radio Button, I can't find a way to achieve this.

Any suggestions ?





select the control and open the description. Then you can change the look.

radiobutton: tab style: element checkmark: change color.
textfield: tab gui: eye magnet

von Markus K. - am 31.08.2015 17:14
Hi Patrick,

yes, the styles of the controls are the way to go. Because you want to have a uniform look and feel of your application. It's easy, just change a control and and in the description of the control Tab Style you "Add" this style under a good name which describes color, font and font size etc. Add new control after control (of course also those you've changed already) and as soon as you trip over a control which looks like one of those you've changed then right click it and "choose a style" from the context menue. That's pretty fast after some windows. If you find that you've overlooked some details of a style, there's the button "Modify style" where you can change the style directly or do it from the "7-Tabs"-Windows and apply your changes while choosing "Refresh the style". As a result, all controls with that style in your application will be changed too.

For the Radiobutton dot in red. In the 7-Tab windows ... Style Choose checkmark and there is checkmark style + COLOR.

For the selected edit control. This is to be done programmatically! In 'entry into the control' add e.g. MySelf..BrushColor = pastelred and in 'Exit from the control' add Myself..BrushColor = defaultColor and that's it.

von GuenterP - am 31.08.2015 17:21
Hello Gunther,

I've been trying your suggestion for the edit-control, unfortunatly this isn't doing what is was hoping that it would do.
Maybe I've I didn't explained very well wich part of the edit-control I wanted to change the color.
It's not the background (the brush-color), but the color of the selected text.
If you want to see what I mean, just put an edit-control into a window, run the program, type some text into in, and then select all the text.
The backgroundcolor of the selected text, that's what I want to be able to change the color .



von Patrick Thijs - am 01.09.2015 18:19
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