[WD 18]- Communication with ZK T&A clock

Startbeitrag von Paulo Oliveira am 04.09.2015 13:49

I'm trying to communicate with ZK clock for T&A, i can't find out how to use their SDK in windev.

Anyone manage to do that?

Just a simple sample on how to connect to the clock and receive or send some data will be helpfull.

I'm trerying with the SDK available in http://www.zkteco.eu/index.php/downloads/software-downloads



Re: [WD 18]- Communication with ZK T&A clock

I'm pretty sure you'll need an ActiveX control and ActiveX commands.

von Curtis - am 04.09.2015 14:51

Re: [WD 18]- Communication with ZK T&A clock

Hi curtis,

I can do it using object automation like this:
zk is object Automation dynamic
zk=new object Automation “zkeuemkeeper.ZKEUEM”
if not zk>>connect_net(resl,G_PHAN_PORT) then
error("Error in connect")
result false

I was trying using the professional SDK using the C# option but I can import the .NET assembly into the windev project declare it but I always get one .NET error when i try to run my project.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 04.09.2015 18:14
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