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[WD20] Unique Key, Duplicates, Null

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 04.09.2015 19:13

Is it possible to have a unique key(not primary) that doesn't accept duplicates, but does accept unlimited NULL values? If so, how?


Hi Curtis

not that I know off, no...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 04.09.2015 19:31
Hi, no, this is not possible with HFSQL - though good old Btrieve (then Novell, now the core of Pervasive PSQL) had that feature already 25 years ago! Quite some years ago, I had an interesting discussion about this with a PC Soft engineer ... but I think they did not implement this great feature because of fearing to become off SQL-standards. I think you have to resort to a key with duplicates and make programmatically sure that - except for the empty keys - only unique key values are to be added. In your case, barcode values should have a check-number anyway which has to be checked while inputting them. Are these standard 8/13 characters GLN / ILN / GTIN ?

von GuenterP - am 05.09.2015 07:32
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