[WD19] dll path anomaly

Startbeitrag von Al am 07.09.2015 07:47

Hello All

I am experimenting with the Scheduler control on a multi tennanted MS Windows Server 2012.
I have a folder that contains all the V19 dll files and the OS path points to it so I don't have to have a copy of the dll's in each folder along with the exe and wdl files

Everything was working well until I tried using the scheduler control. Every time the window containing the control started to load, it crashed with a windows error PCS.exe has crashed.

I could not get to the bottom of it until I loaded the example scheduler.exe onto the server and when it crashed it finally revealed that it could not find wd190bj.dll and wd19mdl.dll.
For whatever reason they would not work from the copies accessible via the path and had to be actually loaded into the folder containing the exe and once that was done everything worked well.



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