[WEBEV 20] Application Server problem

Startbeitrag von Ericus am 07.09.2015 09:43


I had Webdev 19 application server installed and today upgraded to Webdev 20 with unlimited license.

Now I keep getting an error: ERR_NO_WWADMIN and it refers to WD190Admin

When I start my site www.plumaccounting.biz it displays
in the browser and as soon as I click on LOGIN I get the above error.

Should it not be WD200AWP/wd200awp.exe and why is it looking for WD190Admin?

I am not sure whether I must look at the registry or IIS?

Any help please.

Ericus Steyn


Hello Ericus,

your web site was configured to use webdev 19 (and developer with/for 19).
Installing webdev 20 does not change that.

So you need to either redo the install of 20 and check the option to ALSO manage the older versions/sites (in which case it will also install the older engines, including the 19), or to upgrade your site to webdev 20 (in your editor) and republish

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.09.2015 10:44
Hi Fabrice

Thanks for coming back. When I installed v20 I definitely ticked to also run previous versions. In fact in IIS it creates different folders for all the previous versions.

So on my server I have a Webdev19 and Webdev20 folder.

There must be some place, either in IIS or registry where something was changed when I installed v20 that *$#*ed up my site.



von Ericus - am 07.09.2015 10:53
Hi Ericus,

In general, we see alot of things go wrong when updating deployments so we tend to do a clean install every time. To fix your problem, you can either see if there was a correct virtual directory created within IIS It should be called WD190AWP and should point to the AWP folder within the webdev deployment folder (the v20 one, since your 19 one is probably turned off by version 20).

Also it seems that a handler mapping in IIS is used by webdev which has the same name as the configuration of your website within webdev. This one probably still points to the WD190AWP directory. If you change that to WD200AWP, it generally works too

von M-K - am 28.10.2015 10:40

Long story short, it is messy, for holding both versions in your webServer but
I do have 17/19 unlimited appWebServer and it works for me.

Bring up IIS, select your created 200-version.awp, click map handlers and
change/add and point to WD200AWP.

I suggest you create a sub-folder for holding all 200AWP sites and keep all
190AWP as before.

Best to keep ONE instead, no headache to change every pointer esp. AWP things...



von kingdr - am 28.10.2015 11:47
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