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Unexpected disconnection from the site

Startbeitrag von KOZETA am 07.09.2015 11:01

I have had a weird error to one of my websites developed with webdev 20.
After a user is logged on, after 3-4 minutes, she is disconnected and the attached error appears. It happens with a specific user only. Can someone help me?

Best regards,
[attachment 1684 error.png]



if it's only one user, then you first need to find out if it is something this user is DOING or something related to the user computer.

So if you can, have the user work from another computer temporarily. Based on that, we'll be able to go further.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.09.2015 11:20
The same thing happens from every computer and network. And it happens no matter what the user does....Even if she does nothing at all.

Best regards,

von KOZETA - am 07.09.2015 12:29

only with one user
from any computer
even if she does nothing at all

The only remaining thing I can think of then is that she is using the same login on each machine, and that your site/web server is using windows authentication, and that this specific user has different settings...

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.09.2015 13:48
I just had to reindex the "users" file. Thanks anyway :)

Best regards,

von KOZETA - am 07.09.2015 14:03
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