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2 decimals

Startbeitrag von Allard am 07.09.2015 14:18

Hi I Have a problem,
I had a field that was defined as an int. But I need it to be a nummeric, because I need two decimals.

So I went to the analisis and changed the field to type = decimal.
interger part 32 decimal part 2

I ran the analisis update and I semd to change things.

Now I f I run a querie I get a result with no decimals. The result is 21. I need it to be 21.00

Anyone any I dea how to fix this ?




Hello Allard,

What do you mean? The number is stil 21 but when you devide it by 5 it would be represented as: 4.2 and not 4.20.
In that case what is the problem? In a table display you can set it to two decimals nad it displays two decimals.

von Frans - am 07.09.2015 19:35
Hi Allard,

Also take a look at NumToString, which allows you to format a numeric value in many different ways, including specifying the number of decimals:


Best regards

von Ola - am 08.09.2015 10:10

I needed it because I had to do a check againsed an xml import I now use val(item) and it works. I Still think it is strage that even with a real with 2 decimals in the analisis returns no decimals if decimals are 0 in queries.

Indeed frans in my table it has 2 decimals. And it is saved with 2 decimals in hyperfile cs. So that is good, works as expected. But i f I run a querie it returns 21 instead of 21,00.

But my problem is solved

Thanks for the response


von Allard - am 08.09.2015 18:39
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