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[WB20] Changing the source of the Internal Page control

Startbeitrag von MichaelRug am 10.09.2015 21:36

I have a Page with an Internal Page control in WebDev [WB], and I would like to change the internal page of this control via a user selection. Is this possible?



there are a handfull of things you can do.

1) use the dashboard control the 'widgets' it uses are in fact internal pages.

2)create all the internal pages beforehand and only display the selected

3) use normal pages instead of internal pages and use an IFrame

von Wouterke - am 11.09.2015 11:47
Hi Michael

I saw you asked this question and I have been looking into this as well./ I donnot get the help on this . It states following:

Programming in WLanguage

Passing parameters to an internal page
To pass parameters to an internal page, we advise you to:

Create an initialization procedure in the internal page.
Call this procedure in the page that contains the "Internal Page" control.


// -- PAGE_Page1 initialization code
// MyInternalPage is a PAGE_Page1 control
// That is linked to an internal page
// This internal page contains a
// procedure Init()
MyInternalPage.Init(Param1, Param2)

I donnot get how to call the internal page. Not pagedisplay because then the internal page gets displayed in an other browser window.

If this can be done one could make all kind of pages dynamicly in other pages. Same behafiour as single site javascript pages. That would be cool. !!
Pitty there is so little documentation on this.

Anyone any Idea if this is at all possible ?


von Allard - am 14.05.2016 19:17
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