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[WD19] move print preview out of Internal Component section of a project

Startbeitrag von Al am 12.09.2015 04:19

Hello All

We have users on a server without access to MS Outlook so the email options in the print preview can't work. Previously I just used the print preview without making it part of the project but now I need to include it in the project so I can substitute a button to call an SMTP email process

I went to the Project Style window and included Print Preview in the project and it placed it into a section of the project call "Internal Components" The problem is that the print preview won't run any windows or use any global variables, procedures etc because they "belong to the project and can't be accessed from an internal component"

So is there any way to move the Print Preview out of the internal component section ?



Hi Al,

Is it not a window that you can copy.??

To considder
if you add this to your project, updates to the printing ( Windev updates ) will not be taken into account!

You can add a button, or some kind of choise , and add email capebility to your application. The print screen will act for a preview and pdf generation. Sending an email will be done by your application, with the mail features

Clicking the button will for instance open a email screen and add the pdf as an attachement. email adres and subject can be filled out and you can even generate a mail template that the user will be able to select.

This is quite easy done. It takes some time but I did the basics in 1 day.


von Allard - am 13.09.2015 07:19
Hello Allard

Thanks for the reply. The problem is quite strange in that as soon as I added the preview window into the project form the Project / Style option, it added it an an internal component and I can't recall that happening in previous versions.
So, yes I can easily add a button but it has no access to any procedure or memory variable outside of the internal component.

If I just add the preview window to the project, it doesn't recognise it and just does its internal black magic trick.


von Al - am 13.09.2015 09:42
Hello Al,

Strange? Maybe contact PC Soft on this. I have no solution, other then the one ealier mentioned



von Allard - am 15.09.2015 07:26
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