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[WB19] - Need a "busy" notice

Startbeitrag von Joel am 14.09.2015 16:38

Hi All -

I have some tables that take quite a while to load and want to let the user know that the system both received their instruction to load the table and that the system hasn't frozen. Occasionally, I see a "busy" icon show up here and there, but how can I force one all the time? I know there are some animated gifs and such in the catalog. But I'm not sure where to put or what code to use to initiate.



maybe you can use toastdisplay()

von Markus K. - am 14.09.2015 19:55
Have you tried?


von DarrenF - am 15.09.2015 04:22
From http://help.windev.com/en-US/?3071011&name=HourGlass

HourGlass() // Display the hourglass
ProcProcess() // Long process
HourGlass(False) // Restore the initial pointer

Note: The window is inactive as long as the hourglass is displayed: the user cannot click in the window.

von Mike H - am 15.09.2015 06:54
HourGlass() function is not available in WebDev

You can display a suitable image before loading your table and hide it once it's complete.


von Bart VDE - am 15.09.2015 07:24
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