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wm20: html control is not functioning in ios 9.0

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 17.09.2015 17:42

Hi All

It was all working OK and could see browsing data inside iphone4+,5...6+ under
ios 8.4 and xcode 6.4... and now when recompiling under ios 9/xcode 7.0, the
html control shows blank even with a simple example like html="www.google.ca".
I didn't change any code at all but just recompile and reload it into iPhone6Plus and
same blank screen for iPad mini2.

I hope pcSoft can release the patch asap.

This is the test failed so far for ios 9.0/xCode 7, I'll test some other function to
see if there's an impact.

Any work-around is welcome.

Thx in advance.



Hi King,

Just "hoping" might not be enough - have you sent PCS a bug report/request? :)

von DarrenF - am 18.09.2015 04:06
thxs Darren for yr tip
so frustrating!


von kingdr - am 18.09.2015 05:14
Hi King

That is really bad news. I was about to get the latest and greatest down and was about to ask if there are any issues. I am going to try and compile with WX19 and place it on a phone with iOS9. I will use XCode 6.


von André Labuschagné - am 19.09.2015 19:15
Hi King

The html controls in our apps are working perfectly in iOS9. But we are still compiling with WM19 and XCode6.


von André Labuschagné - am 20.09.2015 13:30
Hi King

For the record - compiling with XCode7 and installing on an iOS9 device the html controls all work fine. The same ipa will not install on non iOS8 devices - code signing issues.

Compiling with XCode6 and installing on an iOS8 device also works as expected. This ipa cannot be installed on an iOS9 device. But the code signing is all fine on the iOS8 device. The html is also fine.

The html controls are working though so it may be WM20 that is the problem - compiling with WM19 this side.

Now running XCode6 and 7 side by side on the MAC.

Apple really seems to have messed this one up badly.


von André Labuschagné - am 21.09.2015 12:44
Hi Andre

Sorry for my late reply.

I still have old compiled ios8 and xcode 6 and didn't work when compiling
it under ios9 and xocde7. The hml control was fired to run wb19 awp page and
Javascript chkbox was checked.

I have no clue at all.


von kingdr - am 21.09.2015 22:54

I just recompiled everything and redistribute all library files in wm20 and everything is ok now.


Thx all



von kingdr - am 23.09.2015 14:53
The latest version ios is still 8.1 in wm20.

It'll be great pcSoft can have a new realease patch to fit ios9.0.

Wish list...

von kingdr - am 23.09.2015 16:58
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