[WD19] How to clear the keyboard?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 22.09.2015 05:55

How can I clear (empty) the keyboard buffer?

SendKey("") //Does not seem to work

I have a master file form window with a child table and a button to call a child record form window.

Both windows have Control-Enter specified as the accept key combination to launch their own OK (accept) button.

In some cases (but not all!!!) the Control-Enter pressed in the child form window goes also down to the master form window and closes it, too! How can I prevent this?

Best regards



Found a solution.
I added
to the end of the child form calling button,
and that keeps the master form window from closing.

But I would still like to know, how to clear the keyboard buffer...

Best regards

von Ola - am 22.09.2015 06:54
I don't know if it works but check the remark of the KeyPressed function in Asynchronous status report section.


von Paulo Oliveira - am 23.09.2015 17:45
Hi Paulo,

Thanks for the hint.
I tested it like this:

IF KeyPressed(kpControl) AND KeyPressed(VK_RETURN) THEN
Trace("First check: Form modified by pressing Control + Enter")

KeyPressed(kpControl, False)
KeyPressed(VK_RETURN, False)

IF KeyPressed(kpControl) AND KeyPressed(VK_RETURN) THEN
Trace("Checking for the second time: Form modified by pressing Control + Enter")

Both checks return true, so it doesn't work.

Best regards

von Ola - am 27.09.2015 09:45
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