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WinDev 20 SCM balalaika

Startbeitrag von Tor-Bjarne am 24.09.2015 10:07


I`ve moved my SCM database to a server "on the internet" so I can Work at my office and on my portable at home.

What I "think" I discovered is bugs whith the SCM syncronize.

I have several projects where code is gone missing when I retrive them at a different location (my portable) PC.
In one project the actuall project code went back a verson on both PC`s.

But the current problem is:

I check IN "everything" at work and go home.

When I start windev against my project there are offcourse several files that need to be syncronized/retrived, so I do.

To my suprice a class in the SCM I have put in 8 hours of work in is not updated with the new code. (it exists but all my new methods are gone)

To get any work done from home I, connect via teamviewer to my work PC copy the class, and add it into the project now getting a "name1"

So I now just define "fpdata is object cFisPackArrayData1" and everything is good - for now
Then back at work I discover the original class is there, but now offcourse lacking the code I did at home, so I Retrive all - no class ??

Smart as I am I have now the portable PC with me, and yes I must/can "Add to SCM" (Why do I need to bother, this should happen automatic as the "new" class is part of my project?) and the class go into the dark SCM Cloud.

Back on the work PC I`m now rubbing my hands together thinking "at last I`m ready to get some work done" - but no, the class is there but not the code? WinDev is asking me to localte the actual file??

In .NET 2008 I also use an "stone age old" source control, but I never have all the problems as with my brand new WinDev SCM?

What could be the problem?



Hi Tor-Bjarne,

My experiences with the SCM seems to indicate that it was written by an intern... with his feet.

The "via the web" option works a LITTLE better when you do in the options and check the "reduce size of packets for connection through the internet" (or something similar, as I was lucky enough NOT to have to sue this -THING- for quite some time now.

Now, MY solution to your problem is to ALWAYS work from my laptop (17", i7, 8 GB, 1 TB) and when I am at the office, I just plug 3 extra monitors in it for real estate.

Works all the time :-)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.09.2015 10:16
Fabrice Harari
My experiences with the SCM seems to indicate that it was written by an intern... with his feet.

:xcool:About "with the feet" - No excuse, se picture below:

Fabrice I could do everything on my Laptop I gues, but my work beast have several VM`s containing database servers I`d like to use/test agains amoung other cool stuff. The Alienware portable could probably do VM`s but I have 4 x 1 GB SSD Disk with stuff on cant get them into an portable.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 24.09.2015 10:33
Hi Tor,

I haven't had any real issues anymore with SCM for quiet some years now and my SCM is on the internet (VPS) for 5 years at least now.
You do one thing that I for sure never do:
I check out "everything" at work and go home.

Opposite to that, I make sure everything is checked in into the SCM from whatever machine.
Next from another location, I open the project and it will synchronize automatically to all the latest changes that are checked in...

So you may try that to start with as the master reference code base should be the SCM.


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 24.09.2015 12:01
Hi peter H,

It was a typo, I meant of course to say that I "check in" everything ;)

I also have used SCM for quite a time, on Work PC as a backup (rollback) feature, but when working from 2 PC`s my problems have increased.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 24.09.2015 12:49
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