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Webdev 15: where to change folder for local files?

Startbeitrag von Swissstephan am 25.09.2015 11:35

Hi to all
Guess a real easy one, but I spent more than 2 hours to check every menu Point.
webdev creates the .php pages in this Directory:
- C:\My Projects 15.0\PHP_MYSQL\PHP_MYSQL_WEB

But since I use xampp, it should create it here:


Where can I Change it?
Thx so much for your help


Hi Stephan

I never use the PHP mode because of it's limitation, but I still think that you are barking up the wrong tree here. What I mean by that is that webdev will always create everythgin at the same place. You need to setup your xampp to POINT to the webdev directtory (the same way that IIS is pointing to my webdev directories in my configuration).

Now, if yo decided to use PHP+xampp, I do hope that you know xampp perfectly, as you'll have to set it up manually.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.09.2015 11:45
Hi Fabrice
thx so much for your fast answer and no I have no idea about xampp...
I just have a wife who wants her personal Homepage and not paying any webdev Hosting. Therefore I'm trying to do it with php and mysql and no again, I don't really know php and I just have Basic knowledge about mysql.
The only Thing I Know is programming in Windev/Webdev since Windev 5.5 and I still love it.
Back to the Problem:
If I turn off xampp/Apache and use webdev/Apache does it my already complicated world easier?
Thx and have a great Weekend.

von Swissstephan - am 25.09.2015 16:13
Hello Again,

please, give your wife the FABULOUS gift of 5 euros a month to host her site as a webdev site at kalanda.net, and at the same time give yourself the even more fabulous gift of stopping wasting your time...

Because this is JUST THE BEGINNING... Then you'll have to make it work on a host where you will have NO CONTROL over the configuration.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.09.2015 18:56
Hi Fabrice
thx for your advise. You are so right! I'll do it in webdev, pure!

von Swissstephan - am 28.09.2015 12:11
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