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Startbeitrag von Sarah Tanti am 28.09.2015 13:40

Hi All,

I would like to add new appointments to a Google Calendar, however all I managed to do was get the existing events of the calendar into an array...
Cannot seem to find how to add a new appointment... Any ideas?



Windev ? webdev?

In Windev there is an example. The outlook calender example. It Allows for ynschronize with the outlook agenda



von Allard - am 28.09.2015 14:46
Hi Allard,

I forgot to mention that I want to use Windev 20 for this.
Yes I had a look at that example however it seems that it doesn't apply for Google Calendar.


von Sarah Tanti - am 28.09.2015 14:48

In windev version 18 there is an example that doesnot work out of the box as it should but it can be adjusted.

I had troubles with the date time in the google calendar. That doesnot seem to work out of the box. You could try fixing the bug. I stoped trying, took to long and had to do other stuff, but if you really want and spent some time you should be able to fix it I guess I will give it a go iF I can find the time



von Allard - am 28.09.2015 20:26
Hi Allard

Thanks for your feedback! I managed to solve the issue I had and decided to post it here in case someone else needs it. The below just adds a calendar to a Google Calendar.

Please note that the ClientID and ClientSecret can be acquired from the Google Developer Console when the Calendar API is activated.

Cnt is gglConnection
Cnt..Email = ""
Cnt..ClientID = "192"
Cnt..ClientSecret = "HDN"
IF GglConnect(Cnt) = False THEN

arrCalendars is array of gglCalendar
arrCalendars = GglListCalendar(Cnt)
arrAllEvents is gglCalendar = GglGetCalendar(Cnt,1)

cal is gglEvent
cal.Content = "testing"
cal.StartDate = "201509301400"
cal.EndDate = "201509301600"
cal.Title = "TESTING WINDEV"




von Sarah Tanti - am 29.09.2015 07:50
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