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[WB19] - Create a physical media setup

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 29.09.2015 03:51

This one is rather strange. Likely it is a local issue - but in the off-chance that someone can point to *anything* to check - that would be a great help.

I deploy by physical media setup. This method has been working fine since Ver 19 (18 months).

Now - on one website (static) - the "Deploy a physical media setup" does NOT start the wizard - instead it opens WDDeploy.

This happens on one project - but not the other project that I have tested. The project has been recompiled/repaired/synchronized several times. Machine has been rebooted. No luck.

Perhaps someone can offer some pointers - before I have to start rebuilding the entire environment. Maybe it is something silly that I have overlooked (hopefully).


Hello Derek,

You are saying that "The project has been recompiled/repaired/synchronized several times", but did you try to delete the installer setup file? If the install fails, the problem should come from it being broken.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 29.09.2015 09:24
Oh dear. Well, I have resolved the issue, but it did take me a long time and a lot of work to figure this out.

It appears that does not work with Static projects.

The project in question was "cleaned up" some time ago and has never been redeployed since changing the Project Type to Static.

Change this "Static" site back to Dynamic and the setup Wizard now works.

(Note: definitely not a file or corruption issue as everything was re-built. I haven't yet found the documentation that states that the setup wizard only works for dynamic sites. Well, I guess I could have just zipped it manually if it's a static site ... )

von DerekM - am 30.09.2015 03:20
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