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[WD19]Creation of Reports

Startbeitrag von Yaku am 29.09.2015 10:14

I'm trying to create a receipt using the report editor of WinDev, but I'm having lots of problems doing that (i.e. passing values of variables from the project to the report itself).
Is the report editor a bit "quirky", or is it just me who's mentally challenged?


In the help you can find all the information for Report with parameters


von Paulo Oliveira - am 29.09.2015 10:45
Hi Yaku,

Don't try to over-think this; it basically works the same as passing parameters elsewhere in WinDev.

See Paulo's link...

von DarrenF - am 29.09.2015 10:54
Hi Yaku!

What is the problem about passing parameters to the report?

I think anyway that the report is "quirky", as you said...
I always have huge problems in setting up the reports, especially with the "table" control:
when I insert the control in the form, it becomes a list of controls (EDIT & ITEMS) instead of being a table.

I've always read good reviews about the WD Reports Editor, but personally it gives me head ache!


von DannHCS - am 29.09.2015 13:39
You insert a Table control on a report? :confused:

von DarrenF - am 29.09.2015 13:46
Hello Yaku

The report write is quite solid and only slightly quirky

Reports with embedded tables are a nightmare to change and quite restrictive so I stopped using them years ago. I get the best results by assembling the data I want to print into a memory table and then use that as the report source, other people use a query as the data source.

In terms of introducing variables into the report, you can create local variables in the window that initiates the report and then they will be available to it as windowname.variablename, or you can pass variables as parameters in the report or have global variables .e.g GReportHeading1, 2, 3, etc


von Al - am 29.09.2015 14:44
I think Yaku is talking about "graphics issues" working with graphic tables in reports.

I tried to use tables in reports too, I mean, if you have to draw the body of an invoice you need to design a table on the sheet having 3-5 colums (id, item descritpion, price, VAT..)

When I try to insert a table it becomes a set of edit controls soon, the report editor slices the table into pieces and it's a mess to manage them on the sheet.

Do you mean that, Yaku?

von StefanoG - am 29.09.2015 17:06

I have had not these kind of problems? I have a big issue with reports that are mainaineble by the user. Sometimes the report doesnot regognize that it used or something. In that modus only internal queries do work

So I have in my planning to change the reports. Iam going to base them on a file that has all the right values for the report, use this as an internal querie. Then use can select form this file. And the report always works.

Passing parameters is easy

In the window

iprintreport( bl , bla, bla , param , param2, param3 )

In the report
Procedure reportname ( param is int , parmam2 is int, param3 is int)

That is it


von Allard - am 29.09.2015 18:00
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