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[WD19/WD20] vertical scrollbar in scheduler control ?

Startbeitrag von Stefan Bentvelsen am 01.10.2015 09:45


is there a way to know that a vertical scrollbar is visible or not in a scheduler control ?
I cannot set the vertical scrollbar to Always-visible for a scheduler control. But to correct align a number of controls with the days of the scheduler control I have to know if the vertical scrollbar is visible or not.

An alternative would be setting the scrollbar to Always-visible, but as far as I know there is no possibility such a setting in the editor or via a property.

I've send a request to PCSoft. May be they know a way around.


Re: [WD19/WD20] vertical scrollbar in scheduler control (Work around)

PCSoft has send me a work around. I've made the following global procedure with the supplied code:

PROCEDURE gpIsVerticalScrollbarVisible(psControlName is string)

// Important : this code uses Windows API and is meant for 32 bits. Note that the Free Technical Support
// cannot help you regarding the subject of Windows API. You may get some help from other WinDev users
// if you post this request on the WinDev forum.
liRetourFonction is system int
hWnd is system int = Handle(psControlName)
GWL_STYLE is system int = -16

WS_VSCROLL is system int = 2097152

RESULT BinaryAND(liRetourFonction,WS_VSCROLL) // if not nul => the scrollbar is visible

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 06.10.2015 09:14
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