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Is webdev able to run PL/SQL ?

Startbeitrag von Peter Zhou am 06.10.2015 14:15


Can webdev execute PL/SQL ?


Peter Zhou


In general yes as SQL is a common standard but you have to bear in mind that the PL is Oracles own extension to the standard as is the T when using MSSQL - each have there own variations.

The main area to be aware is when describing a calculated item in the generator.
Do not use the WL functions - these will always fail.
Use the correct SQL statement from the displayed list - check the database docs to make sure they are supported or that the statement you require is in the list.

WD has historically always allowed its own variations.
By example to concatenate 2 fields in HFSQL then Field1+' '+Field2 is good.
For MySQL and others this needs to be CONCAT(Field1,' ',Field2) - WD of course accepts either syntax for HFSQL.

For more complex queries consider writing them manually and using HExecuteSQLQuery()

von DerekT - am 07.10.2015 10:21
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