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WB20 Configuring the HTTP Server error

Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 07.10.2015 09:06

OS is Win10.

I've just reinstalled WB20 after rebuilding the PC, and when trying to load a project I get the message 'Configuring the HTTP Server' flashing on the screen continually as it recompiles the project.

It appears it can not do whatever configuration it needs and continually keeps trying. Eventually all I can do is close WB20 via task manager.

Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? Perhaps it is a permissions error somewhere?



Hi Paul

webdev 20 doesn't know how to handle the NEW IIS coming with windows 10, there fore it cannot configure it automatically...

So either go back to 8, or configure IIS by hand

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.10.2015 21:48
Hi Fabrice

Thanks for your input. It worked fine when it was running on Win10 upgraded from 8.1, and no longer works since the fresh install of Win10. So your explanation makes sense.

Also, another PC which was upgraded from Win8.1 to Win10 still runs WB20 fine.

OK I used MS Web Deploy to transfer the configuration from the working PC to the problematic one, and the same problem still persists. Now I'm thinking this is likely a permissions problem somewhere.

If anyone has any suggestions it'd be great!!! Meanwhile I'll compare the permissions across both PCs...


von Paul Turner - am 08.10.2015 01:48
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