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WD18 - Full-Text index Search mode

Startbeitrag von James Smiths am 09.10.2015 21:37

Hi All,

I'm implementing this kind of index in a description item in a file of product.

If I write for example Toyota hiace, it works perfect.

But my client tells me if there is a way to make the same search by only writting toy hia

How can I make this index work like this. The former inventory system my client used to have made the finds of records in that way.

I have looked in the online help that mentions the "Syntax of the search value" but it does not seems to work the way I need. I tried the "+" "-" "~" "*" signs.

Thank you for your help.



Hi James.
Try with this (without Full-Text)
SELECT CarName FROM MyCars where MyCars.CarName LIKE '%Toy%'

See also

von ICI - am 09.10.2015 21:58
Thank ICI for your response,

I will try that alternative.

Thank you


von James Smiths - am 09.10.2015 22:57
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