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[WD20] Looper Problems - Displayed Values Change

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 13.10.2015 19:56

I have 2 looper controls. One is the LOOP_Main. Each row of LOOP_Main has customer info and another looper, LOOP_Inner. Each row of LOOP_Inner has a combobox for selecting an item and an edit field for entering an amount.

My problem is that whenver I switch focus from one row of LOOP_Main to the next, the displayed values in LOOP_Inner change. But if I click back on the row of LOOP_Main that has the incorrect values in LOOP_Inner it fixes the values back. If I don't do anything and run code on the window it gets the correct values even though some wrong ones are displayed. Any one ever have this issue?

this LOOP_Main: Customer #1
LOOP_Inner:Item 1 - 25
LOOP_Inner:Item 2 - 13
LOOP_Inner:Item 3 - 10

(click different LOOP_Main row)
becomes LOOP_Main: Customer #1
LOOP_Inner:Item 1 - 25
LOOP_Inner:Item 1 - 25
LOOP_Inner:Item 1 - 25


I uploaded a small test project that shows the problem.


von Curtis - am 14.10.2015 14:39
Your link is on unsecure web space and my ESET security does not allow to open that page. Can you post your link on some other secure space.
Maybe link to your dropbox location. SHARE link option.

von ICI - am 14.10.2015 18:10
This should work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aczp1bbcbe2mc74/LooperTest.zip?dl=0

EDIT: I also sent the sample project to PCSoft, although I doubt anything useful comes of that.

von Curtis - am 14.10.2015 19:28
Hi Curtis.
I test your loop control and you are right if you press butt Add Main Loop before you do TAB to loose focus on third Item. If I do TAB then all values are not changed.

Try to do something in your EXIT code or When loose focus.

Regards !

von ICI - am 17.10.2015 11:59
I can also confirm this bug:
If you have a looper that its inside other looper, for example "LOOP_Orders" and "Loop_Ordersline", some extrange things happen. The two loops are filled by programming, so no data files are involved.
Lets say you just finisehd editing Loop_Orders[2].Lopp_Ordersline[3].STC_Description.
In the moment that you change focus to another row of Loop_Orders, ALL the control's value of Loop_Ordersline[3] are changed, but only until you return focus to that row. The "new" values are those of the row just below, in this case Loop_Ordersline[2]
Has ICI said, this doesn't happen if you change focus to a new row by pressing TAB.
Also it doesn't happen if there is only one row of Loop_Ordersline.

A workaroud i could find is to add this code to the "exit of Loop_Ordersline" process

José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 18.10.2015 22:52
Below is the message I received from PCSoft Technical Support. I give it a 5% chance of being fixed.

Thank you for the feedback. My testings confirm your description.

von Curtis - am 19.10.2015 15:32
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