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[WB20] Login to website with RFID card ?

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 13.10.2015 20:54


Would it be possible to login to a WebDev classic website using a RFID card ? The RFID card would be read by an RFID reader connected to the USB of the computer.

This would be to quickly login to our intranet web application so the user (and his access rights) are known. Users will be login in to the web application 10 or more times a day. The web application will close if it is idle for more than X minutes, this to protect the information. Each user must login with there personal RFID card.

The unique ID or data on the RFID card is available in the database of the web application.

Any idea's on what would be the best approach on this ?

  • RFID password field where the scan of the RFID would dump the card ID (if this is possible) ??
  • Background service that reads data from the RFID and opens the site with extra parameter data in the URL ??
  • .... ??

Any idea's are welcome !



Hi Danny,

Implementing a USB RFID reader is just like implementing a USB barcode reader. These types of readers tend to be p-n-p so there are no drivers or routines for you to write in that regard.

Basically, you put the cursor into an edit control/field, the user scans, the RFID/Barcode reader enters the value (automatically?) into the edit control and you can then (for example) read the database based on the ID that was scanned by having some code in one of the edit control's events; I use the exit event.

Depending on your requirements there may be a little more to it, but those are the basics.

Also, have a look at this recent thread:

von DarrenF - am 13.10.2015 23:36
The only thing you have to check is how your RFID reader works.
If it works as keyboard emulation just do what Darren told you.
If not you must check in the RFID documentation how to get the card number, the manufacturer provide some kind of activex, java,... SDK to read the card number?

von Paulo Oliveira - am 14.10.2015 08:23
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