How to convert C type struct to Windev structure

Startbeitrag von Bruce Lee am 14.10.2015 04:16

I have several questions about data type.

1. Does windev have similar function to Sizeof() ?

2. For unsigned long in C, what is the corresponding type? System int?
How about this unsigned long (4 byte) is in a struct? Assuming we convert struct to structure. Will it affect other variable in the structure?

typedef struct FTRPACK
Unsigned long dwSize; // Length of data in bytes.
void *pData; // Data pointer. Most likely, it will be a byte array which length is 2001.

int myContext;
FTR_DATA Template;

Now I want to use API() function to call the following function (in a dll file).
FTREnroll(myContext, FTR_PURPOSE_ENROLL, &Template);
How do I define the Template variable? I tried to make *pData as a fixed byte array. But it is telling me invalid argument.

Any suggestion?


Hi Bruce,

Look at tools, WDTool WDAPI, it has a section to convert C to WL.


von Piet van Zanten - am 14.10.2015 06:12
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