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WinDev Mobile API Integration – Audio etc

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 21.10.2015 23:50


Re WinDev Mobile API Integration – Audio etc.

This may be of limited interest, but in case there are other WinDev developers with similar projects, I would like begin a peer-group discussion on the best approaches for WinDev Mobile API Integration.

My applications are for the medical industry, and some of my basic requirements are:-

Digital Dictation using HFSQL BASED iOS and Android apps.
Transcription apps (connected to HFSQL of course).
Simple (proprietary) Speech to Text etc.

Currently, I am stuck with WX 19 until the English version of WX 21.
WinDev itself is not a problem, as there is MCI capability, and quite easy to integrate old Active-X solutions (such as Philips SpeechMike).

To begin, I note that WinDev documentation makes reference to an example project: Unit example (WinDev Mobile): Dictaphone. As far as I can see, the example does not actually exist!

However, I can create a WinDev mobile app using the RecorderAction functions (working in Android, not yet working in iOS). These function are limited for real-world use - eg – no Pause.

So – also practicing my French, I have looked at the upcoming Version 21 specs – and there does not appear to be any added features to help.

Of course, I can quite easily create iOS and Android apps (sans WinDev) – but I don’t *think* it is very easy to integrate HFSQL.

The (to me) *obvious* solution – is to use WinDev Mobile – then incorporate a Java API for Android and an Objective-C API for iOS.

My main question is: Is it relatively simple to integrate APIs in WinDev Mobile? I did have a go at integrating some Java for a WinDev Mobile Android – but found this quite difficult (have not been successful so far).

If someone else has successfully integrated 3rd party API’s (iOS/Android) – then I can investigate this further. It does seem to have a few limitations (actually – the limitation may well be my skills).

In any case, if I could at least integrate Android MediaRecorder (google: Android Audio Capture Tutorial) then my life would be easy :)

I would certainly appreciate any comments or feedback regarding WinDev Mobile.

Thanks & Regards,


I also note that the AndroidSpeechSynthesis example (using AndroidSpeechSynthesis.jar) works fine, so maybe I just need to brush up on my Java skills re the MediaRecorder API.

von DerekM - am 22.10.2015 00:41
One more thing [ that I have just discovered :) ]

With Android devices (probably iPhone/iPad also) - Google Voice Typing is already there and it works offline - and does it pretty good job too.

Maybe the audio / transcribing paradigm is a thing of the past. I think perhaps I was traumatized by 1st generation speech to text software. This stuff now just works.

Of course, still need the Dragon Dictate API with medical dictionaries etc for those who "need" to pay for top-end stuff - but maybe (hopefully) - all of these complications are just going to go away. :cheers:

von DerekM - am 22.10.2015 02:22
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