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[WD20+WAS]Issue on WebService Deployment via FTP

Startbeitrag von Yaku am 22.10.2015 14:02

I'm trying to create a simple "hello world"-level WebService, but i'm having problems right at the deployment of it on the deployment machine (in which i've installed the 10-connection application server)
my issue lies under these statements:

-Failure saving the application in the account file.
-Check whether the permissions on the files are correct (or contact the server administrator and transmit him this message).

They occur at the very end of the wizard for generating the WebService, nullifying the deployment of the WebService altogether.
Has anyone got the same error?
Any help would be appreciated


Update: I bypassed this problem, and now i can import and consume WebServices from a client.
Now i have another issue: i can easily call WebServices' procedure which returns a simple type-variable (such as strings, integers and so on), but when i try to return, for example, a structure or an array of strings, the test page gives me this error:

The id operation was not found.

What happened? The id operation was not found. Error code: 620004 Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL) Dump of the error of 'wd200awws.dll' module ( Identifier of detailed information (.err): 620004

Has anyone had these kind of problems? Any kind of help would be very appreciated

von Yaku - am 28.10.2015 09:48
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