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[WB20] Change the domain pointing to a web app

Startbeitrag von Victoria Caballero am 22.10.2015 20:31

I have a webdev app running well at the moment... using currently the normal short URL to access to the web app (http://www.mydomain.com/APPNAME) without any problem.

But now my customer has created a domain like this "invoices.company.net'" and they want me to setup something on IIS form my app to listen the petitions to this domain. I am not sure how to do it but searching and reading some topics similar to my issue on this forum I have used the "HTTP Redirection" function in IIS according to this document:
However it did not work :-(.

Can someone please point me or clarify to me a little bit more about this topic?
I really apprectiate any help.

Best regards,



Hi Victoria

I don't have ALL the details in memory, but I hope I can still send you in the right direction.

There are TWO steps to that problem:

1. DNS should be set so that the outside world knows that invoices.company.net' goes to your server (as it was done for www.company.net and company.net). This should already been working, and when you type invoices.company.net, you should get the standard IIS message from your server

2. On your server, in the configuration of your website, there is one setting that already contains www.company.net and company.net, so that IIS know that both these URL point to YOUR website (and not one the other potentially on the same web server). This is where you should add the line invoices.company.net. I think it is called SITE BINDINGS.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 22.10.2015 20:51
Hi Fabrice,
I will take a look to "Site Bindings" on IIS then and see what I can do about it.
Let you know how was it.
Thank you very much for your response.

Best regards,


von Victoria Caballero - am 23.10.2015 07:42
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