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Windev US Users- Roll call

Startbeitrag von steve erts am 27.10.2015 20:21


I'm curious to take a poll of US base windev users and get an idea of how many of us there are? where we are located? and what people are using Windev/Webdev for?

I'll start. I'm based in Portland and I have developed a reservation system for Tour Operators .The system is written in Windev 20 and runs on an SQL Server database

My website is www.tourcube.net

Anyone else care to share?



Re: Windev US Users

In Bristol, Tennessee, currently developing a retail information management/point of sale system that will be shown at the National Retail Federations Big Show this January in NYC.

Writing it in WD20 using HFSQL Classic and using replication to push the data to corporate.

No website yet, will work on it after getting a MVP ("minimally viable program") to demo at the show.

von Art Bonds - am 27.10.2015 21:01
In St Louis, MO

Kiosk based Marketing system for Casinos started in Wx17 and still stuck in Wx18 so far because of a bug in 20. www.playerinteraction.com

A rewards system for Doctors to use to increase business in higher margin areas of their practice. www.flawlessrewards.com

von Robert Willis - am 31.10.2015 04:58
Hello Robert

A rewards system for Doctors to use to increase business in higher margin areas of their practice

I have to say if my doctor ever used a system like that , I would be looking for another doctor immediately


von Al - am 31.10.2015 08:05
Hi Steve,

As you know, I am in Port Townsend, WA and not far from you.

We have multiple products for school Nutrition Services in Oregon. Our sad website is www.accmeals.com which will be updated when I get time.

I also have palm and finger scanner biometric interfaces for WX.

Hope more US developers will respond to your message.

von Jeff Graham - am 31.10.2015 14:26
Al - Sorry you are so narrow minded to even attempt to understand an entire business model described with approximately 15 words.

The system is for physicians that administer Botox, laser facial treatments, various dermatology (elective) procedures.

von Robert Willis - am 02.11.2015 03:24
Hi Robert,

What bug are you referring to?
I'm reluctant to deploy WB20 too, because of some bugs related to tables and styling. (reported and acknowledged)


von Piet van Zanten - am 02.11.2015 08:15
Hi Steve,

In Dayton, OH. We have been in Windev since 5.5 and currently use v20 Windev/Webdev/Mobile.

We develope strictly for in-house purposes in support of our business processes.

von Eric W - am 02.11.2015 15:06
Hi. With WX since 7.5. Now using v20. Located at 9000' in Bailey, Colorado. Main focuses are Inventory, Reservations, Accounting and assorted business web apps. Clients include State correctional facilities, Fire and Police departments, Dispatch companies and Recreational tour clubs.

von Jim Carson - am 02.11.2015 15:58

the bug was addressed in the windev 20 lastest ( 67s) but it dealt with changing the background screen for a window. As its a casino product, it is very graphics heavy and somewhere between 18 and the initial v20 release it was broken. Windev acknowledged the bug and it was fixed.

BTW I did find that using a UNION QRY with MS SQL 2012/14 with OLE DB is now so slow its unusable. I tested the SQL in SSMS and both pieces of the SQL (non-union) and it worked as expected. Fortunately for the union was for convenience and limited so I wrote around it but it unexpected as an app working the day before the upgrade was working perfectly then afterwards crawled to a stop. just took a few minutes to narrow it down.

TL;DR Union QRY may be busted.

von Rob Willis - am 03.11.2015 03:23

I'm from Olbia, Sardinia Island, Italy.
I'm a Windev user since v8.
I've developed various applications like, a Shipyard Management System for boatyard in multilanguage, Pos system (for an english friend), Invoice and Office operations for an Audiologist Studio.

At this time i'm working for a local healthcare institution, developing applications using Windev 18.


von Gianni Spano - am 03.11.2015 07:38

I'm from Cape Coral, FL - we have a bunch of applications build with W18 up to W20. Most of our applications are customized solutions for our customers.


von Andy-FL - am 04.11.2015 19:24
Hello All,

Dennis W

Fort Myers FL. Custom app for our Kitchen & Bath Buisness.

Using Windev since v10.

von DW - am 05.11.2015 10:28
Paul Murray in Far Hills, NJ.

I have used WinDev Mobile for mobile fleet applications for a client as well as some basic web pages using WebDev. Recently upgraded to WinDev Mobile 20.

Planning on teaching my son to use WinDev Mobile 20. Anything to get him off endless hours of Counter Strike.


von Paul Murray - am 28.11.2015 20:16
In Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Using wd5.5-wx14 ever since sticking with Oracle 7-11g/Sqlserver 7 and
now with wx19 and wm20 for developing/building addon apps from legacy Progress Database and to SqlServer 2012 and wm20 with iPhone6/6Plus for inventory tracking
systems. wm20 is buggy but still the best app with wb/wd, as a hybrid dev.


von Kingdr - am 29.11.2015 13:58
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