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Report server - anyone did that before?

Startbeitrag von Arie am 27.10.2015 20:41

I wonder if anyone out there developed some kind of report server already. Like Business Object or Microsoft SQL Reporting

What I mean is that reports are generate during nighttime and stored in PDF or HTML or another form (maybe the new Windev preview format).
Users can logon to a webbased report server and see all generated reports. They can then choose one to see on screen and use print or export or mail from there on.

This way all data collection is done during nightly hours, saving cpu/memory during daytime. And the users have the output very fast.

They don't even have to use my software. Tehy just need a report-server-account. Which is handy for management people who don't want to use al kinds of client software. They just need the facts and figures on some higher level.


Hello Arie,

I must be missing something...

The system you described is just a webdev site displaying pdfs... The fact that the pdfs were generated by another task or program is kind of irrelevant, except for when the generation is happening.

So what is the question, exactly? How to transfer the data or the pdfs between your program and the web site? I would say replication, but that may just be me :-)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.10.2015 21:38
Do check this open source Report Manager.

It supports report manager.

It is actually crated using Delphi.



Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 28.10.2015 05:46
Hi Fabrice,
yes I could build one myself. Schedule an application which genereates reports at certain times. Putting the output (ie pdf) online. Creating a webbased user access. All can be done.
Reports in WX need a 'project', which is my application. Report tools like Crystal Reports (SAP) are more general and can access data without knowledge about the 'project'.
Also these tools have the option for users to fill in parameters.
Every thing can be build by us of course. I thought maybe someone had done this which in some way or another and I could use that as a starting point (I could even pay for that..)

von Arie - am 28.10.2015 08:32
The following report server that i recommend (all can generate pdf)

1. crystal report ->
crystal report is the best . the report viewer is good and work on major browsers. the report editor is good .
the only complain is pricey.

2. SSRS - >
sort of free , come with SQL-SERVER (need sql-server to work) . beware the build-in security which is powerful and can be head ache.
the report viewer suck . not fully work on many browser. since I use it from sql 2008 until now sql 2014
the report editor (Report builder) the standalone version (not the integrated with visualstudio version ) , is the best report editor . light , fast and powerful

3. Birt ->
free and opensource. java reporting . use tomcat .
a very very simple layout report viewer but work on all browser . the parameter prompt is only textbox whether int, string or date . if you want better , you must modify the report viewer source.
the report editor is eclipse ,

SSRS report-builder is the best report editor in all 3 that i recommend . the bad part is the viewer which only work on IE and report engine tied down to SQL-server.

after you have use any of the 3 report editor , you don't want to go back to WD report anymore. you will realized how old WD report and totally cannot compete to these 3 .

von CCC2 - am 29.10.2015 03:47
Hello Arie

For a few of our larger clients, we extract data from Windev data files and post it to an MS SQL server. The data is then processed into cubes and used to provide data via Excel in pivot tables or by using MS Reporting services to publish the reports.


von Al - am 29.10.2015 06:07

I have worked with RDLC and Crystal Reports in the past (Desktop Enviroment) and I really did not like them,

Crystal reports is a good stand alone reporting engine but was unstable in the older versions, I don't like the way it works at all !!

I have used RDLC and SSRS Report Builder, this is a nightmare to create complex reports on. You cannot easily put complex logic inside the report.

Ok, WD reporting is not a standalone reporting tool, but an integrated one. And I find that it is not too bad and in certain ways much better than Crystal Reports and RDLC, so I do not understand that you say that WD reporting is old !!


von Danny Lauwers - am 29.10.2015 07:50

Let me point out the different with simple text control (static text).

1. in report builder , you can change font/style/size/color of a character in a text control . you cannot do this in WD

the following example can be don with only one text control. you cannot do with WD
How are you today?

2. in report builder you can drag a field of Dataset into a text control . you cannot do this in WD

for example .
you want to show "total record : 10" .
in wd , you create a static control and a calculator control . then you have to align then
but in report builder the calculator control become part of the text control.

other example like table . in report builder you can highlight a row and change format from 2 decimal point to 1 decimal point in one go. which you cannot do in WD

there are still , alot more different .

the worse part for WD is the query editor which cannot run complex sql without turn ON hQueryWithoutCorrection . once you do that the report become hell of manual work . while report-builder can . create dataset, past the sql , if no error , fields of the query will show up . just drag into report done.

von CCC2 - am 29.10.2015 09:52
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