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[WD19] Windev archive suddenly taking twice as long to build

Startbeitrag von Al am 04.11.2015 06:06

Hello All

I use the Windev zip process to make copies of the .fic and .mmo files for my applications. The code is quite straightfoward.
sBackupFileList = fListFile(CompleteDir(fCurrentDir())+"*.fic",frNotRecursive)

A client has reported that the last couple of times they ran the process, it took at least twice as long as usual to run. The zip file is about the same size as normal, the computer hasn't changed, its a stand alone client so there are no network issues - the data being backed up is on the same drive as the archive is being created on - and the hard disk has plenty of spare space.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to the cause please ?



Unless the PC being used is dedicated to your application, the users may have been concurrently running other programs which were competing for access to the disk.

von Mike H - am 04.11.2015 15:27
Hello Mike

Thanks for your reply. I hadn't considered that aspect, I can get my client to check the task manager while the archive is running.


von Al - am 04.11.2015 17:43
Hi Al,

the zipping process will take more time as file sizes are growing. It's not a linear increase, bigger files will take much more time for zipping them. Long time ago I found out that using 7z zipping is a bit faster (not really much faster) for big archives and results in considerably smaller archives. Maybe, if you cannot find another cause, you could test zipping theses files by 7z?

von GuenterP - am 04.11.2015 17:55
Hi everybody

another possible cause : an update in the antivirus, or a change in the A/V settings may cause it to scrutinize the files operations, thus slowing them down.

Check that the files directories are excluded from the A/V scrutiny

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 04.11.2015 18:01
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.


von Al - am 04.11.2015 21:39
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