Printing PDF with different Orientation Windev 19

Startbeitrag von DW am 06.11.2015 13:52

Hello All,

I am trying to print a pdf that can have different Orientations. First I print a report then need to print a attached pdf.

BTW is there any way to doing this in a report without code?

This is what I am doing:

//need the doc id to print
nDocId is int = EDT_Doc_ID
sDocumentPath is string = gp_Docs_TempDoc(nDocId)

//Get the number of pages that need to be printed
NbPages is int = PDFNumberOfPages(sDocumentPath)

//Temp file path to open pdf that needs printing
sTempDir is string = fTempPath()
sTempImage is string

// Resize the image control
sBitmapInfo is string = BitmapInfo(sDocumentPath)
IMG_PrintCopy..Width = ExtractString(sBitmapInfo, 2,TAB)
IMG_PrintCopy..Height = ExtractString(sBitmapInfo, 3,TAB)

IMG_PrintCopy = sDocumentPath

//Loop thru all the pages
FOR i = 1 _TO_ IMG_PrintCopy..NumberPage
IMG_PrintCopy..PageNumber = i
sTempImage = sTempDir + ["\"] + i + "_pdf.jpg"

// Save the image

// Print the image

IF i < IMG_PrintCopy..NumberPage THEN

// Delete the temporary images
FOR i = 1 _TO_ IMG_PrintCopy..NumberPage
sTempImage = sTempDir + ["\"] + i + "_pdf.jpg"

IMG_PrintCopy = ""


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