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Problem with HModify?

Startbeitrag von Arekusei Timakobu am 09.11.2015 07:22

There is a simple code (working in separate thread):

IF HFound() THEN
Events.isSent = True

Database errors are automatically handled. The error has been occured:

Record modification. The record was modified since the last read operation.

Does anyone has expierence with similar thing?



1 - in oder to get more details, I'd write

IF NOT HModify(Events) THEN
Error(... , HErrorInfo(ErrorFullDetails) )

2 - this message makes sense for a multi-user program in order to signal that between reading and modifying a modification from another client in the network occured. Means, if this is the case, its a definite case for implementing a transaction in order to keep others from modifying the Event-records.

3 - If it is a single-user program then a) the databas could need a restructure or reindex. b) Look into the HFSQL Control Center whether all of the links to / from the Event file are correct and there are no duplicates. You can correct a wrong situation in the HFSQL Control Center.

von GuenterP - am 09.11.2015 07:46
1 - in oder to get more details, I'd write

As I wrote above the automatic error handling is used and the error message is enough informative :)

The program is a single user and only one user had access to HFSQL file and the error as I understand occured between HReadSeekFirst and HModify.
I've tried to use re-indexing as you have suggested. Thank you. Will see for results.

von Arekusei Timakobu - am 09.11.2015 09:06

Do you have any Triggers defined on the database?

von DarrenF - am 09.11.2015 11:54
HReadSeekFirst and HModify are in the same thread?

von Paulo Oliveira - am 09.11.2015 12:37
No triggers and both statements are in the same thread. I think maybe some ocasional HFSQL server problem.

P.S. I changed the couple of operators HReadSeekFirst/HModify to HExecuteQuery("UPDATE ...") with transaction flag. Hope it helps.

von Arekusei Timakobu - am 10.11.2015 07:40
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