Windev dongle version

Startbeitrag von Georgio am 11.11.2015 00:35

Hi All,

Long time, no post.

I'm wondering if there is a way to find out what version WD in which a dongle is set?
(or do I have to contact PC Soft direct)?

Could have sworn there was a utility but can't find it.



Hello Georgie

The WDMAJCLE.EXE might tell you. It is the manual dongle update program.
It should be on one of the original DVD's or in the setup\hotline folder


von Al - am 11.11.2015 05:23
Hi Georgio,

1 - if you don't have WINDEV installed then just install the Request to Tech Support from
and start it. It will tell you the number + version of your dongle

2 - if any version of WINDEV is installed & running on your computer then just fire it up and go to Help .. About WINDEV and there it is.

von GuenterP - am 11.11.2015 06:10
Thanks Guenter, that was it.


von Georgio - am 11.11.2015 17:40
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