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[WD20]TablePrint to PDF without preview

Startbeitrag von Yaku am 12.11.2015 14:50

Hi all,
I was wondering if there's a method that i've missed from the online help of windev where i can take data from a table and insert them directly into a PDF.
I know there's the function TablePrint, but the preview pane pops out everytime, no matter which combinations of printing function i used before that (such as ipreview(iprinter),iConfigure(iInfoPrinter("NameOfMyPDFCreator"),iDestination(igenericPDF,MyDirectory, and so on)
Any help would be a blessing


Hi Yaku,


should do the trick. Without iPreview.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 12.11.2015 19:02
Hi Stefan,
the problem with that solution is that i have to create a report for the table in order to print it, which i can't, based on the requirements i've been imposed...

von Yaku - am 13.11.2015 08:23
Hi Yaku,

I see what you mean. In WinDev19 there's more that goes wrong with TablePrint(). I have a table with 22 lines. When I print this table with:

iDestination(iGenericPDF, "./table.pdf")
iParameter(iOrientation, iOrientation_Landscape)

// Print the table (without option, everything is displayed)

I got the preview (where I didn't ask for) with 52 pages, a first page with 19 lines, then one page with the last part of the 19 lines (doesn't fit on one page), then 48 pages with only a header and after that one page with the last 3 lines and one page with the last part of the 3 lines because it doesn't fit on one page. Strange.

I think you best can send a request to PCSoft, imho it's a bug (and not a feature :angry:).

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 13.11.2015 09:48
Why can't you make a report? If you can make a table I can see no reason why you couldnot make a report??



von Allard - am 14.11.2015 18:49
For sure he can. The point maybe was not skipping the embedded one-click-function you can reuse for any table. Didn't it?
I found buggy the print without preview too.

von StefanoG - am 15.11.2015 00:21
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