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window generation

Startbeitrag von Allard am 18.11.2015 09:35


I have a view windows ( windev ) that are quite large, big number of controls. The windows have several tabs and a big tabble with quite a view colums.

These big windows take quite long to generate. Is there a way to make the generation of the window les dramatic. Maybe loading without showing and when loaded show everything at ones?



If you have several tabs you can load the data in the first tab, show the windows and load the other tabs using threads.

This can be one of the possible solutions but it's dificult without seeing your windows and what you need to acheive.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 18.11.2015 09:55

To have windows create all their controls first and then show it look at the help for the DisplayEnabled property. Also you could design the window as visible property = false and then set it to visible after it has been initialized.

von JP - am 18.11.2015 10:56
Hello Allard,

With multi tab screens, I don't fill the tabs until the user selects the tab. At that point I test to see if I have already filled that tab and if not then I run the code to fill it. I use variables to see if a tab has been filled or not.


von Al - am 18.11.2015 11:15


von Allard - am 18.11.2015 12:50
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