[WD20] page number and total page number in reports

Startbeitrag von PETER ZHOU am 20.11.2015 05:49


In a report, how can i reset the page number & total page ?
for example.
in the report, it will print 5 categories, each category contain a certain number of records.
CAT 1 - 1/20 ( page no. / total page )
CAT 2 - 1/15 ( page no. / total page )

Basically, i will need to reset the page number counter & total page for every category.




Hello Peter

If you reset IPageNum() to 0 that should start the page counter again.
There are also some presets [PAGENUM]/[NBPAGES] and [PAGENUM] but I am not sure if they can be reset.


von Al - am 20.11.2015 06:07
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