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[WX] - Where are Personal Catelog images stored?

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 20.11.2015 13:09

The subject says it all.

I want to back up all the images that I have added to Personal Catagol as I am planning to format my PC.

After formatting it I want to restore the same.

Can someone help here as to what I have to do?


Yogi Yang


It's under C:\"WX folder "\Personal\Control Center\CatalogueImage


Vassilis Boutsikas

von Vassilis Boutsikas - am 22.11.2015 19:39

Thanks for the pointer but I could not find any .png or .jpg files in the personal folder.

Does WinDev and WinDeb Mobile maintain their own individual Catalogue images?


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 23.11.2015 14:17

Which version??

In WD20 there is now a folder named 'Saved Objects'
Mine contains some but not all of the images I have used.

Failing that do a search for *.png on the root of your WD version.

von DerekT - am 23.11.2015 14:50

When you import any image, that is stored in a .FIC type table, under the folder I mentioned before.
The descriptions of images stored in CIMOTCLEPERSO.FIC and the images in CIRESSOURCEPERSO.FIC.


von Vassilis Boutsikas - am 23.11.2015 15:58
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