[WD19] Unusual problem in the query generator

Startbeitrag von Al am 23.11.2015 21:14

Hello All

I have found an issue with the report generator in a fairly unusual set of circumstances. In one instance of it, my project would not load and I had to go to a backup and in another, the query was not recognised. It occurred when I was testing the most efficient way of gathering some data and I was making frequent changes to a couple of queries.

I think this is how it occurred.

Create a query with parameters and use the query with the parameters in my code.
Copy that query to another folder to preserve it.
Open the query generatot and change the query parameters and then use the query and parameters in code.
Copy the original query back into the queries folder of the project.
The compilation errors will display showing the incorrect parameters in the code
Open the query generator to try some different parameters.
As the parameters are changed a window opens showing the code areas that will be affected by this change.
After this I am not sure of the sequence that causes the crash and I am not really that keen to pursue it given that it broke my project once.
I think that if you open one of the code change windows and then close out of the query generator Windev tries to change the code to match the query parameters and fails and in the process breaks something in the query and/or the project file.
I think that if I didn't have the code window open it would have been ok. I haven't reported it to tech support because I think this is largely my fault in the way I was working.

The obvious answer is to be more carefull when changing queries and copying reserve copies of queries back into the project but it also highlighted again the absolute need for frequent backups and I am now starting to take a midday backup as well as my nightly one. I find "BeyondCompare" very good for that purpose and on an ssd it only takes a few seconds to make a full backup of a large project.



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