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Where to put a Font variable

Startbeitrag von Art Bonds am 01.12.2015 15:56

Would like to offer the user the ability to select his/her own font rather than the default. If it was a one time only event, easily done by using FontSelect():

gvDefaultFont is Font = FontCreate("Tahoma",10,iItalic) (global variable in project init)

UserFont is Font
Res = FontSelect(UserFont,True,DefaultFont)
BtnAdd..Font = UserFont
BtnAdd..Font = gvDefaultFont

I would like to store the UserFont in a database field so we can reuse it... like this:

IF FileName.UserFont THEN
BtnAdd..Font = FileName.UserFont
BtnAdd..Font = gvDefaultFont

Does anybody know what type of field to use (string, int, buffer... ?) and how to get the UserFont into that field?

Thanks, Art


you can store the individual properties of the font variable in your file:

von Paulo Oliveira - am 01.12.2015 16:13
Paulo, that was it! I was trying to take the easy way out and store the more complicated FONT variable, which did not work. Thanks for pointing that Help page out.

Thanks again, Art

von Art Bonds - am 02.12.2015 04:25
Hi Art,

I guess you can store it in a memo field by using serialisation/deserialisation.
I haven't tested if it works on internal structures/classes from PCSoft.
It certainly works with custom build classes and structures.

Best regards,

Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 02.12.2015 08:21
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