Strange behaviour on html edit fields

Startbeitrag von willy hermans am 03.12.2015 17:00


I have some CMS running.

Clients can add new content in html edit fields. They can easily upload powerpoint dia's via *.jpg export etc.

Now the problem is the great difference between several browsers.

Sometimes the edit field is presented as a line so smal that you can not see a cursor. You can not start with adding text into the field.

In another browser it is displayed correct.

When I import an JPeg into the html field there has to be handles to change the format of the picture.
These handles are only shown with firefox.

So I told my client : "Use Firefox"

But now ther is a CMS where I have to say. When you import pictures us Firefox, otherwise use Chrome.

Of course this is not a commercial explanantion.

Has anyone some expierience with this issue.

It is not a matter of wrong configuration of the text object because it works in browser "a" en it does not work in browser "b".

I use Webdev 18.


Willy Hermans.


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